Fäviken. 4015 Days, beginning to end

Magnus Nilsson


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ISBN: 9781838661250

Fäviken. 4015 Days, beginning to end.

Witty, candid, and insightful: a chef's ode to his extraordinary restaurant, and a fascinating commentary on food culture In 2019, Magnus Nilsson closed Fäviken, his one-of-a-kind restaurant in remote Sweden — a difficult decision, as it was close to his heart and at the height of its success. Here is the Fäviken story: how it became a world-class destination, how the industry it was a part of has changed, and why Magnus eventually elected to pursue new projects. His musings on topics from creative theory and sustainability to family and fame accompany 100+ memorable recipes from Magnus's remarkable Fäviken tenure. Sprache: englisch

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