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Today's Special - 20 Leading Chefs Choose 100 Emerging Chefs
Get to know 100 of the most exciting rising-star chefs from around the world — as selected by 20 culinary masters The international dining scene is a vast, ever-shifting landscape, and Today's Special is perfectly positioned to help readers navigate it. Twenty of the globe's leading chef-curators — 10 women and 10 men — have each selected five emerging chefs from around the world, showcasing a variety of styles of food, restaurants, and personalities. Each of the 100 selected chefs is profiled, with recipes, photographs, and menus, plus original commissioned essays that shed light on what makes a standout star in today's culinary realm. Also featuring Austria's Philip Rachinger of former Steirereck and now Mühltalhof fame, chosen by Ana Ros. Sprache: englisch

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